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Cosmetics can cost several thousand, but they are extremely powerful and easy to use. Cold wraps are often carried out in SPA-salons, but you can do this at home: the main thing – to repeat the procedure on a regular basis, for a month and at least 2-3 times a week until you get the desired result.
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After any wraps skin should be washed and put on her cellulite or simply soothing cream. Whatever was not effective wrap or any other means to combat cellulite, should not immediately expect magical results – an approach must be comprehensive.

If you combine wraps and masks with massage, exercise and a special diet, the skin becomes really smooth, supple and elastic,however, patience and perseverance will still show – cellulite is not so easy retreat.

What You Need to Know About Cellulite – This terrible orange peel can have your name, but in fact it is just fat under the skin, which can be seen because it is located close to the skin surface.

Usually cellulite appears on the buttocks, thighs and abdomen, predominantly women, but occurs in men. This is due to the fact that women are inherently have a higher percentage of body fat. According to statistics, about 90 percent of women suffer from cellulite to some extent.
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Cellulite can be transmitted genetically – Even women with a perfect figure can have cellulite. Also the cause of cellulite can be age-related changes, because with age, the skin becomes thinner.


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Algae are sold in pharmacies fucus or kelp; they should pour warm water and wait until the swell. After about 15 minutes it is possible to add the egg yolk and oil – camphor (20 drops) and citrus (10 drops) and stir the thick layer applied to the problem area.Wrapping of raw potatoes: potatoes grate on fine grater, squeeze the juice and pulp applied to the skin for 40-50 minutes.
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Agar – a substance similar to gelatin also has anti-cellulite activity. 1 tablespoon,this material should be mixed with raw egg yolks two add spirit of camphor (20 drops) and applied on the skin for 20 minutes.

You can make the dough and wrap with cheese – it also produces excellent results. To prepare the dough take equal parts of apple cider vinegar and honey mixed, then add flour – so that the dough turned out sparsely.

Smear test problem areas wrapped in foil and wrapped up warmly – at 2:00.
Next time, instead of the test is 2 hours cause fat cottage cheese. If these alternate wraps for at least a month, the result is simply astounding – cellulite will start to disappear before our eyes.

Pets wraps with peppers: effective, but angry – The following mixture is particularly effective, but it should be used with caution – for sensitive or allergic skin it does not fit.

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Although some experts, on the contrary, it is recommended to relax and lie down quietly – in general, determine how you are better.At the end of the set time to take a shower and put on problem areas cellulite creamcannot be limited to shower and take a bath for the body with essential oils and sea salt.
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Better effect can be obtained if the alternate hot cold wraps. Procedures should be done at least 12: you can hold them 3 times a week for a month, less often, but it is necessary to repeat the course every 6 months, and do not forget about physical activity and proper nutrition.

Simple home recipes cellulite wraps – Recipes wraps may be different – for starters, you can use the most simple.
Pets wrap blue clay –

As simple as wrapping blue clay – it is diluted with warm water until the consistency of sour cream, and applied to the skin. Composition of blue clay is very rich in minerals, so this wrap stimulates blood circulation and metabolism in the skin tissues.

You can add to the clay a little essential oil – any.
Anti-cellulite wraps with honey – Good cellulite mixture obtained from milk and honey. Milk can take dry – it even easier to apply, mix it with a little warm water and honey (2 tablespoons), carefully grind and use.