How to make wraps for cellulite removal-grow taller 4 idiots

Especially good warm up skin mask with red pepper and mustard, essential oils, honey, clay, hot wax, but these procedures should not be performed at too sensitive skin.

Hot and cold wraps – Wraps are hot and cold. Hot give greater effect and help to lose weight, but they cannot do everything: during pregnancy, women’s diseases, varicose veins and other vascular problems they can cause harm. Cold wraps have a wonderful tonic effect.Articles Sources by grow taller 4 idiots

How to make wraps – To carry out the procedure wraps at home need plastic film – one in which the products are wrapped in the store, a warm blanket and a cooked mixture of cellulite. Still need patience and perseverance – for beauty requires the use of these particular traits, rather than the victims, as many people think.

Skin should be clean – only then wrap will be effective, so you should take advantage of the procedure body scrub. You can wash with shower gel, adding the coffee grounds – it is good to exfoliate dead skin cells, and anti-cellulite active ingredients mixture can easily penetrate the skin.

When the skin is cleaned, you can apply the mixture on the problem areas. Then they carefully cover film, wrapped in it, and then the blanket wraps and incubated from 20 minutes to an hour.

There is an option: wear track suit and do some exercise, or do homework that requires movement – for example, manually clean the floor


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