. Arterial catheter is the last solution for the treatment of angina pectoris

Needs angina patients to accurate diagnosis in order to give proper treatment and treatment of disease as angina pectoris said depends on the following:
First: Preventive treatment includes:
Quit smoking.
Alto-tralasby treatment
Limit the intake of foods rich in cholesterol and animal fat.
Quitting alcohol and alcohol
Exercise regularly, especially walking.
Adjust blood pressure.
Adjust the level of sugar in the blood.
Weight reduction and treatment of obesity
Taking aspirin 75 mg per day after lunch, but if there is a medical reason why such sensitivity of aspirin and stomach ulcers.
Secondly pharmaceutical treatment includes:
Even comfort and pain go away.

Nitrite and tablets and It helps in expanding coronary veins, and thus treat angina and its complications disappear after a period of treatment.

Aspirin tablets 75 mg, 81 mg and 100 mg preferably taken up after lunch and complications of bleeding and inflammation, stomach ulcers, allergies and taken with caution for patients with stomach ulcers.
Tablets to treat should preferably be taken the evening before going to sleep.

Tablets stating to treat high cholesterol and high triglycerides in the blood, such as Crestar and other multiples muscle weakness and inflammation of the liver, treat high blood pressure.

In the event of the failure of previous drugs in the treatment of angina patients are advised to conduct a catheter to the coronary arteries to determine the degree of distress with work to expand the narrow artery and stent, and are advised to perform a bypass in the case of narrow and clogged coronary arteries in several.

The beauty of that unstable angina, which is suffering the patient from acute pain sustained for a long time in the chest during rest, and this pain for medicines advised the need to transport the patient by ambulance equipped to the nearest hospital, where the patient is placed intensive care for the patient’s heart and remains there until his condition improved.


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