Sophisticated Technology In Lift The Skin=grow taller 4 idiots

Sagging skin in different places in the body of the most defects and treatment is very difficult to cosmetic surgeons. Until recently, she was treated surgical operations, which leave scars large and troublesome on the bodies of patients with non-ideal results in most cases.

Several years ago, used radio waves to flatten the skin external methods with satisfactory results somewhat. And can be processed using these waves slack without actually approaching from the area under the skin. These inner layers of skin are often causing the sagging skin and relax.

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This new technology RFAL ™ Radiofrequency Assisted Liposuction, and mean liposuction using radio waves, which are at present the best solutions to correct these deficiencies, and the first completion of my work in the re-formation of cellulite to fine-tune the body and achieve the result, which was performed for her surgeries previously.

This device should be used by surgeons trained for this purpose. Apparatus “Body Light” Body Light issued ideal wave energy reaches below the skin, giving the court a homogeneous temperature of the skin so that it can reduce the volume of fatty tissue and dermis layer (under the skin) and connective tissue by heating the skin caused by the thermal energy. This device developer in the United States, and has experience several years ago, and is used to monitor skin temperature, energy, and resistance tissue to confirm the integrity of each skin type in different parts of the body.

Process using body Light is non-surgical, are carried out under local anesthesia (or with conscious sedation areas major in the body), and allow the patient to return to normal life in a few days, and reduce the occurrence of scars and scars, compared the process of traditional liposuction.

You are obliged to wear uniforms for 10-15 days after the operation to accelerate the healing of skin processor. Using this technique gives remarkable results in areas that are difficult to address sagging skin, such as fine-tuning the abdomen, buttocks tighten, tighten the arms aspects, folds back, tighten the inner thigh area, face lift and define the jaw line, tighten the neck. Matter of the use of body-light: cases in which the cause degreasing to sagging skin and loss of elasticity, such as older and overweight. Treatment gives a great result for the skin resulting from massive weight loss.


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