Yeast, glutamate and health

 In the metabolism of carbohydrates are first broken down into so-called lactic acid or pyretic acid, and then broken down to energy available for the cells. Via several steps there is no alcohol-free, and this is indeed the case in fermentation.

Yeasts, and yeast products such as yeast extract, in other words, to provide a non-natural carbohydrate breakdown in the human body.
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Add to that the yeasts that producers do not compare with the original yeasts. They are grown to make it significantly shortens the rising time of the bread and the bread into the oven can rapidly. Rapid fermentation possible This may have implications for health.

Yeast, glutamate and health
Is the body of the average American’s ability to non-natural carbohydrate digestion by yeasts to cope? Knowing that people have less and less resistance, too few fruits and vegetables, and more yeast food products in the form of processed foods, the answer to this question is ‘no’.

The body can it increasingly difficult to fight and weaken. Same question we can ask for glutamate. Can we deal with increasing intake of glutamate in MSG and therefore in products with yeast extract?

There, too, the answer is ‘no’, and even more accepted. People with deficiencies of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids) are at greater risk of experiencing MSG damage. These risk groups include:. Those with an unhealthy diet, elderly underweight and people with eating disorders


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