The micro flora in the mouth contains at least 500 different types of bacteria

Use the best brush technique. Brush daily, preferably after each meal, which you brush anywhere from five to ten times:. From top to bottom with the upper teeth, from bottom to top with the lower teeth and small circles on the chewing surface of the molars
Robotics grow taller formula

The micro flora in the mouth contains at least 500 different types of bacteria. Some of them promote oral hygiene: they help to hold those responsible for inflamed gums, cavities and bad breath bacteria under control.

Current studies are focused on the effects, the optimal dosage and potential delivery mechanisms for different robotic strains. Two Danish studies have shown promising results. Both studies were led by Professor Santé Temin of the University of Copenhagen.

The first study, published in the January issue of Act, showed that significantly reduces daily use of the amount of harmful streptococci in saliva. , the streptococcal bacterium is a major cause of foot infections and cavities.

Temin indicates that it is a direct, short-term effect. “Robotic bacteria can survive and grow in saliva, they bind to the in the mouth and separate them bacteria toxins off.

They seem not to settle permanently.” However, indirect, systemic effects on oral health may be possible. A second study by Temin appeared showed in the November issue of the same journal, that the intake of robotic inhibits the inflammatory cascade of cytokines in the fluid between the gum and the tooth (tooth pockets).


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