The lower foliate levels were in the serum

The lower foliate levels were in the serum, the more paradontaal decline was seen. The negative relationship between foliate levels and periodontal disease remained significant presence and in the statistical analysis took into account vitamin B12, homo cytokine, chronic diseases, smoking and alcohol consumption. The researchers found that to be the foliate status of the patient.

Cases of periodontal disease looked Minimize drugs, because drugs can affect oral health. Birth control pills may increase the risk of gum disease because it promotes bacterial growth. Mouth
Rinse and brush, use an alcohol-free mouthwash because alcohol dries out the mouth which invading bacteria get a better grip

A mouthwash with folic acid (0.1 percent) may help protect against bleeding gums, a tablet 4 mg of folic acid daily can help (1).

Especially a mouthwash with herbal extracts may be effective, such as chamomile,
Echinacea, and myrrh. gurgling Mollohan diluted (1 part to 4 parts Mollohan boiled, cooled water) has a beneficial effect on inflammation in the oral cavity.

Rinse with Salvia tincture (40-50 drop in a glass of water and thus spread throughout the day rinse mouth) disinfects Buy a new toothbrush frequently: at least once a month.
A worn toothbrush removes food particles and plaque less effective, causing tooth decay and gum disease can occur.


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