Psychological interpretation

Psychological interpretation
Yeast extract and MSG can be seen as a threat to our health, but we can also see it as a chance to change something. Christine Besant, an internationally known writer, has written several books about the psychological significance of disease and nutrition.
informative article

About Yeast she says, “Yeast stands for calmness, composure even icy dead. She holds a mirror of death and destruction. “I’ll get you and drag you into the darkness …” says Yeast, “unless you break into your inner death and her cronies. Yeast requires you to look-very fundamental way, to the Living Forces in you, to discover that they are very strong and invincible. ”

Every human being has the powers to be. strong and invincible We can deploy these forces favorable to ourselves and our fellow man.

We can overcome addictions with it, as our growing need for ready-to-eat products and appetizing ingredients, yeast extract and glutamate. These ingredients can be seen as a symbol of what we have to overcome. During the crisis The time of addictions and laziness is over. The time has come naturally and sustainably.

The main conclusion of this article is simple but not always easy.
Cooking with fresh ingredients as much as possible in order to stay healthy and fit
Like other additives from the factory, it may also have a negative impact on yeast extract health.


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