Food & gingivitis

Food & gingivitis
The micro flora of the mouth contains at least 500 different types of bacteria. Some of them help to keep that are responsible for inflammation of the gums, holes, and bad breath. The bacteria under control you can diet influence the micro oral flora.
Introduction Darwin Smith

Tooth decay and gum disease are widespread, even though we have the most modern toothbrushes and “scientifically proven active ‘toothpastes and mouthwashes. One of the reasons is that we do not often enough or not good cleaning, but also the lifestyle also plays a role in the development of unhealthy gums.

Therefore, it is worth learning for healthy gums. several natural strategies Hold each “treatment” for at least two full months to determine whether it makes a difference for you. Eat whole and unprocessed organic foods. There are several dietary habits that play a role in tooth decay.

The biggest culprits-processed flours, ineffective vitamins by heating and processing, and a lot of added sugars – are in food that is highly processed.

However, fresh foods are just a lot of elements that are good for oral hygiene. Not candy or use sparingly sugar substitutes such as lintel. See also the article on this site about optimal nutrition .


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