Drinking green teas because they contain flavor nodes

Green Tea
Drinking green teas because they contain flavor nodes that growth and activity countering bacteria that play a role in tooth decay
The results of Japanese studies show that the regular intake of green tea reduces the possible risk of periodontal disease. In a periodontal disease, there has been a chronic inflammatory disorder affecting the gums and / or the upper-and lower jaw.
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Green tea contains polyphones which in previous in vitro studies, an inhibitory effect on periodontal pathogenic bacteria was demonstrated.
To investigate the periodontal health of 940 men aged 49 to 59 years of age was determined. In addition, with the aid of a questionnaire, information is obtained about the green tea consumption.

The researchers found that as the men drank more green tea daily, the indicators for periodontal diseases favorable dropped out. This suggests a positive effect of green tea on periodontal health.
Nutrient Deficiencies

Note to potential nutritional deficiencies such as the minerals zinc and selenium. These are important for a strong immune system that oral bacteria wards. There is an independent association between low foliate levels and periodontal diseases.

This was shown by a study in Taiwan in older individuals who have had their teeth. The research was derived from a population and consisted of 844 elderly people with an average age of 70.6 years.


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