Superficial burns are only at 5% each month

Superficial burns are only at 5% each month, but 1 in 3 does indicate several times a year to care for. Superficial burns with cuts, almost half of the women (47%) that they wash the wound, sanitize and cover with a bandage or plaster.

In abrasions most women (36%) are limited to flushing and disinfecting the wound. Nearly 1 in 10 washes the flesh wound only on 7% and even doing anything. In case of burns, almost 1 in 4 to rewind To just Half used a wound care product. Worryingly, more than 1 in 10 think that butter or cream is healing burns.
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During the investigation also inquired why the wound was treated. The main reason was the fear that the wound would ignite otherwise. In addition to the risk of infection is also a rapid wound healing and relieving pain as major reasons were appointed to take care of.

A wound However, a small percentage of respondents reported not to care, a wound because it does not suffer from it, or because it is felt that the wound heals by itself does.

Nora virus in Antwerp hospital, starred in and on cruise ships
In the Antwerp Striven berg Hospital has established an neither outbreak of nor virus in late January.

A total of twelve patients were affected. In April last year became the neither Steinberg Hospital even though some people infected with nor virus. British chef Hesston Blumenthal has his London Dinner (two Michelin stars) restaurant to close after a stomach flu virus had infected 24 clients.


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