Cochlear implantation helps tinnitus by unilateral deafness

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Cochlear implantation helps tinnitus by unilateral deafness
A study at the University Hospital of Antwerp in Antwerp show that a cochlear implant (CI) helps in the treatment of tinnitus by unilateral deafness (deafness in one ear).
Introduction Darwin Smith
A CI is an electronic hearing aid that until recently only by deaf or severely hearing impaired people who have no or a limited residual hearing, was implanted and so the hearing can recover part. The CI is surgically implanted and activated by a device that is worn behind the ear.

CI converts sound into electrical impulses that stimulate the auditory nerve directly. The CI replaces the function of the inner ear and bridges in this outer, middle and inner ear.

research now shows that even patients who are deaf in one ear and suffer a lot of benefit from severe tinnitus with a cochlear implant. Previously, only patients who were treated with a cochlear implant. Deaf on both sides were All participants reported a stable and clear reduction in the severity of the tinnitus.


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