What remedy the problems resulting from laser hair removal among women?

Posted reader says I am 24-year-old girl, was carried out using a hair removal lasers, but the process backfired, where the rate increased hair growth and density did not trust any doctor I do not know what is the solution?
Answer consultant dermatologists that the use of lasers to remove hair from the face and the mustache and the way the work is to convert light energy into heat energy, and her scores of them, who happens clot or weakness in the tissue or destroy and cut the fabric, is also used in surgery, but in the skin temperature leads to
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clotting and weak and not completely destroyed, because this leads to scarring in the removal of excess hair in places unwanted, such as the chin and mustache and legs inside the chest and abdomen, this is due to the presence of the male hormone (testosterone) plus in the blood of women from the normal limit this is due to many factors, but the presence of tumors or cysts on the ovary or the presence of enlarged gland congenital or supersaturated renal tumors or body first known reason and other reasons.

As for the sick an analysis of testosterone, which measure the degree of the male hormone has also alpha 17 hydroxyl progesterone in the blood, even if the latter is, it is a hereditary disease, and if the ratio of testosterone excess in both cases take pills called no pica 5 mg feinted but the Secretariat scientific must be aware of the patient to this treatment may affect libido have if they miss or married.


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