Fruit useful for hair care

Fruit useful for hair carries the fruit of delicious fruits and smelling oasis, with small grains and oil is a very valuable in the manufacture of cosmetics, skin and hair and from damage. Oil fruit fits all skin types especially dry ones; it contains a high proportion of fatty acid.

The working combination to protect the skin and rebuild the fatty layer that lose with time, also promotes cell water necessary to fill the face of fine lines and purified, they enjoy your skin smooth silk, and gives radiance and freshness and enhances your color bronze thanks to contain a high concentration of beta-carotene.
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Vitamins and works to protect cells from oxidation and free radicals that damage the skin and delay the onset of the signs of premature aging. This oil also works to regulate the proportion of oil in oily skin, secretions and improves their appearance. If this is useful for fruit and your skin, you used as soon as?


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