Common dietary determination

“The fact is that glass of wine (2 dl) contains up to 400 kJ, so two glasses equal one whole snack.
People who drink one evening to be a whole bottle of wine can count on the energy value of the size of a lunch or dinner, i.e.
1540 kJ per bottle of white wine
Introduction Darwin Smith
But many people do not realize that you can drink wine at every opportunity. ”
Therefore, you must learn to reach for a glass of something stronger really only in exceptional cases.
“Even before I drank the wine more often, but manifested it on the weight fluctuations. Now over a lot more thinking”

Some overweight people hold so much water that it may occur on a few extra pounds!
And though it may sound absurd again, again to the lack of water consumed and vice versa excess salt, which forces the body to retain water

To get rid of water retention, you must begin to stir, add the fluid intake and less salt. As simple as that!

Do without attachments, it is common dietary determination. And it is a commitment to change the bad. Because no matter how absurd it sounds, no sugar, your body will not let even a gram (or let go, but you will encounter rapid rebound effect).

The problem is the fact that the sugars (or carbohydrates) are the primary source of energy for your entire organism. And without them you hungry again and saved for a rainy day.


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